Our Story - NanJing 4CUZ Import & Export Co. ltd

[Our Concept]

Close to people, close to life.

[Our Objective]

Decorating each family with fair silk to make each home a fair.

[Our Development]

The team of Vansilktextile was established in the early 2006. Vansilktextile dedicated to optimizing people’s life with our unique products. From the very beginning, Vansilktextile adhere to bring high-end home textiles to customers in China based on the cooperation with many other companies.The whole working group of Vansilktextile holds the belief that its meaningful and proudful to bring the coziness to more and more families to improve their quality.In the past ten years, Vansilktextile has made a great progress in the production of home textiles.

[Our Product]

Through the twists and turns, Vansilktextile has been grown up, so are our products. Products consist of a variety of colors, sizes and patterns.

[Our Advantages]

Vansilktextile owns a great deal of advantages to be the vanguard in the field of silk.


We have a highly tight and careful product lines.

-The addition of various products has been underway year by year. They include, but not limited to: decorative bedding, baby cots,pajamas and etc.

-From now on, Vansilktextile started to introduce high-end silk pajamas and beauty accessories into its selection. Our product line is larger than ever.



Vansilktextile always put quality in top priority.

-About materials, we choose the best mulberry silk to be the raw materials.

-About production stuff, we have sophisticated teams of masters who are equipped with much experience. For instance, bedding production is monitoredby 6 masters who have a minimum of 12 years of experience in the domain of silk sheet production.

-For customizations, they are done manually by these masters with every detail.

-For QAs, we have a professional team of 18 QAs inspect our products in each detail and each progress to guarantee the most superior quality.


Supply Chain

Vansilktextile possesses a complete and compact supply chain that can provide any products and services customers need.

-Originally, Vansilktextile is a foreign trade cooperation. Throughout the ten years from 2006 to 2016, it has accumulated enough customer resources and business partners.On the one hand, we produces products by ourselves with our own designs. On the other hand, we receive a great deal of other products from other companies.In other words, our cooperation possesses both industries and product supply chain.


Vansilktextile has always adhered to the attitude of providing the highest and promptest service to each customer.

-In 2006, there are only two ways to make contacts with business partners-phone services and e-mail communication. Since we are going to do the direct online outlet, we set out to offer online chat and 24-hour email reply for customers with inquires.

-We are keeping upgrading our delivery service to provide ultimately fast shipping globally in order to ensure you receive the products as soon as possible with no extra cost.

-We are keeping upgrading our portal site momentarily so that our customers can learn about the newest information of our company and our products.

[Our Achievements]

-In the last 10 years, Vansilktextile achieved standard authentification of OEKO-100, BSCI, etc.

-Since the year of 2010, Vansilktextile started to supply products for supermarkets like Wal-Mart, COSTCO , TARGET, etc.

-By the end of 2015, our sale has made a breakthrough, the total sale has up to 20 million US dollars.

[Our Future]

-In the past, we mainly do the production in B2B model. As the society goes on and the Internet immerses commerce, Vansilktextile determines to enter into the business with the model of B2C. With the enlargement of our business, we have an accumulation of perfect supply system, brilliant management system and superior production.Hence, we are confident that B2C model will help us to build a better future in silk production. Our core team intend to invest more time and energy to do the productionof silk home textiles and silk pajamas. We are devoted to provide affordable high-end silk production to each family home and abroad with the assistance of cross-bordere-commerce platform.